I Need Your Grace

When a song is written, it is the desire of the songwriter that the song would be the tool that GOD uses to change the hearts of many people. I would love to share with you each month, information behind some specific songs that appear or have appeared in the Singing News top 40. This month’s song is, “I Need Your Grace.”

Who in the world do we (as people) think we are? We get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go about our days work taking time for lunch then back to work. In just a few hours we call it quits and settle down in the living room watching television with the family. Later eating supper then going to bed. Next day, we start all over again. We sometimes do this with out even thinking of where we get the abilities, knowledge and strength. Take just a minute to think about all that HE has done and is doing in our lives. We breathe many times a day without even putting forth a effort. HE gives us everything. Here is something really kool, we haven’t earned anything that HE has given, but HE has given it out of love, mercy and grace. That is kool! Take just a minute and think of the question that started this paragraph, Who in the world do we (as people) think we are? The answer is we are Chosen people of HIM. My favorite scripture reads something like this, “Johnathan, you didn’t choose me, I chose you!” Look it up and see just how it reads to you. If we know that we can’t make it without HIS grace, mercy and love, why aren’t we realizing that when we mess up, we just need to take our situations to HIM? HE has more than enough mercy, grace and love for all of us. We can’t just keep beating ourselves up over the past, just take it to HIM! This brings me to the song for this month, I Need Your Grace. Now the story behind the song:

The story behind the song: “I Need Your Grace”

I count myself as a strong person, able to deal with most situations in a mature, Christ like way. Well, a situation was presented and I handled it badly at first, later apologizing and truly ashamed of my actions then repenting to GOD for my failing. That very night before going to sleep, I began repenting to GOD again, not able to let go. First I felt comfort from HIM as my prayer echoed back to me in a tune, thus forming a song, I Need Your Grace. Here are the words. I pray that GOD will use them for changing lives. (written by Johnathan Bond / HIS Choice Music / BMI)

Lord I kneel before your throne again today
Standing in need of your mercy and grace
I found myself in trouble, Lord I’ been led astray
Now I’ trusting you, Calling out your name…

Lord, I need your grace, to pull me through these troubled times
I need your mercy, on my heart and on my mind
Strength to turn and walk away from this worlds sin and shame
I need your mercy, I need your love, Lord I need your grace

Have you found yourself in places like where I’ been
You felt like giving up, time and time again
I know you’ been defeated, but GOD has made a way
HE’ there for you, just reach out and say…

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