January “Member of the Month”

Winning Email:
I’m Jennifer Lovejoy from Greenville, OH. I’m 20 years old. And I would love to share with you (just lick Tracy shared with you) how I have met and know Young Harmony. To start out, I work part time second shift at Brethren Retirement Community here in Greenville, and on March 19th, Young Harmony performed live in the Brick Room at work. I also volunteer at work, and that afternoon I was volunteering. I had remembered seeing flyers in the elevator about them coming to perform. I am a Christian, but at the time I seen the flyers, I didn’t really think much about it. It didn’t phase me (I admit it) but also because i had never heard of Young Harmony. So the day they perform at my workplace, I was helping a Social Service worker transport residents to the Brick Room, and after all the residents were settled in, Johnathan and Ginger went ahead and started to sing. I just walked down the hallway to the library and spent a little time on the computer, then returned to the Brick Room. I listened to the last few minutes of their performance, and then helped take residents back upstairs. I stood outside as they waited with them as they waited for their bus to pull around, and deep down inside, a little voice was speaking to me inside and telling me to go up to Johnathan and Ginger and introduce myself. I was too scared to do it, and when the bus pulled up, they let me go inside and check it out. After I came back out, that little voce continued speaking to me and told me to introduce myself. I was scared, but I felt like God kind of like nudging me, “Go on, go on.” And finally I did and felt a huge relief afterwards. Ginger gave me their Testimonies CD and I came home and listened to it and was truly inspired by all of Johnathan’s testimonies, and now when i pop that CD into the CD player, I listen to #12 and just keep it on repeat. I realize the good singing I missed the whole time I was in the library the day they performed, and I admit I kind of regret how I acted towards them (not staying around to listen), but alsoI was pretty depressed that day and so I didn’t really want to be out there. But God had me out there to allow Young Harmony to walk beautifully into my life.So this is how I have known and met Young Harmony.
God Bless, Jennifer

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